The Band.

We’re just a bunch of good ‘ol boys, playing some ukulele cover songs with a unique twist and vibe. We’ve got a somewhat eclectic style. Basically, if we like it, we’ll try to play the uke to it. It don’t matter.

The Band

For The Music.

Who are we kidding?! We’re in it for the fame, the glory and the cold hard cash. We’re talking Cristal, Maybach and diamonds on our timepieces. We don’t care…. (If you’ve heard us play, you know this is our dry sarcasm… oh, and a quote from Lorde)

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For The Friendship.

That’s just what friends do. We convince each other to put ourselves out there, in front of thousands (and on the Internet) doing what others will surely make fun of. Who needs enemies?

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For The Fans.

The beauty of plurality is that it simply takes more than one. And yes… we are our biggest fans. So we happily do this for… well, us. Like & follow us on our social media, and we just might do it for you too. We’re everywhere @ukulelebeats!

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