Meet Joshua Jorda – This Weeks Spotlight Featured Ukulele Player

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I’ve discovered that there are a lot of different paths that lead to the ukulele – just ask Joshua Jorda, who started out his musical career rapping, and now does beat mixing and mastering!  We had the chance to interview Joshua for this weeks Spotlight Featured Ukulele Player interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Joshua Jorda

I was born and raised in a teeny island called Guam. I’ve always found a hobby in music since High school. In my freshman year, I was into rapping just for kicks and giggles. It turned out to be something I was good at. I kept it up and by my Senior year, I was discovered by a local radio station show host on Guam, who happened to produce music as well. He featured me on a couple rap songs that aired on the radio for about a couple of months. I left the island in 2001 to where I now reside, Tacoma, WA. I got into beat making and mixing/mastering through computer hardware and software. Google and YouTube are my teachers. I’ve added the ukulele to my hobby list recently.

Can you share with us some of your current ukulele endeavors?

I work solo and have lots of free time to practice music. Everyday I’m learning something new to help myself put together tracks with my own beats, ukulele audio samples, and rap lyrics and vocals. I want to create something of variation to listen to and share, and be able to say “Yup, that’s all me.”

What would you say is your life’s motto?

The only difference between the Sensei and the Student is that the Sensei has failed a million more times than the student. I see mistakes as a learning process and I embrace every mistake throughout life.

How long have you been playing the Ukulele? What drew you to the ukulele?

One day, in 2011, my girlfriend at the time brought home a random present for me. It was a Lanikai soprano ukulele she picked up for cheap at Guitar Center. Before then, I was so naive to such a beautiful instrument. I have not been able to get my mind and hands off the ukulele since. It’s a blessing every time to have free time to play.

What make(s), model(s) and type(s) of ukulele(s) do you play?

I now only have a Kala PWT (Pacific Walnut Tenor) ukulele that I play everyday I can. I’ve had a Lanikai soprano and a Cordoba concert before then. I sure would like to get my hands on the high end stuff, even just to fiddle with for an hour or two.

What is your favorite genre that you like to play and why? Have you composed any originals?

I like to explore different genres. I want to pick up a little something here and there and tryto fuse em together for a different style.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on the ukulele?

Be patient and have fun with the learning process! You’ll only get better than you were yesterday.

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