6 reasons why ukulele is the best travel instrument

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Ukulele has been recognized as the “somewhere over the rainbow” instrument for years. After being created by delighted Portuguese immigrants in the late 19th century, it quickly became known as the happy tropical instrument all over the world. You’ve probably already imagined or dreamed of hearing this gleeful sound being played on paradise Hawaiian beaches, or while you’re chilling with beers following a surf session in Bali, but have you ever thought of learning it yourself while traveling? You could become “THE one” always giving birth to these happy moments!

I’ve started to practice, play and improve my lately arrived hobby about two years ago and since then, I haven’t stopped. It’s amazing what this small wooden tool can bring ya!

Here are 6 reasons why I think Ukelele is the best travel instrument.

1.It brings jubilant people come to you

The ukulele (meaning flying flea) is the perfect proof of happiness. While scratching over its four harmonized strings, you will attract the incontestable positive attitudes of passer-by’s. This magical sound resonates cheerfulness wherever you are on the globe and will often bring people to talk to you. Whether you are in Hawaii, Laos, New Zealand or anywhere else, ukelele will enlarge your social circle with exultant individuals. Try jamming in an Indian train station? You will definitely pick up some smiles (and probably be part of one million pictures too).

2.It’s small, light, and cheap

This dwarfed sized guitar has something worthier to bring up while traveling. Think of airplanes, your uke will never create arguments with airline check in staff and it will always happily be there with you, enjoying the flight from the passengers cabin! Already carrying a 20kg backpack (which I think is crazy unless you want to get fit)? Imagine how blissful it could be to ferry this likely miniature sized 4 stringer instead of the classic fat guitar. You will never regret your choice as you will be able to easily handle the instrument wherever you are

3. It’s incredibly easy to learn

Learn 4 main chords using this easy 4 string instrument and you’re on the go! Ukulele is one of the easiest musical sounds to soak into even if you have never played any instrument before.. Anybody can learn the basics within a month! Ukelele’s modest size and fewer strings make’s every chord a lot more accessible for beginners and there are pretty common strumming patterns that everyone can follow. Some great tools are there to help you out like valuable youtube tutorials, ukulele websites (ukutabs and ukulele hunt are really good), and ME, if you ever come along my way, I’ll be there to teach you!


4.Ukelele is a more unusual instrument

Ukulele is not as common as most of the string based instruments around the world. People frequently assume that I’m carrying a small guitar, but it’s not exactly the same since it’s chords and tuning key are different. Surprisingly, not all the globetrotters know about this “supernatural” instrument and I always enjoy sharing my passion with them. The fact that it’s more unconventional brings curiosity in the air and the back hippie tone of the Uke makes people appreciate it even more. That help’s a lot in meeting locals and vagabonds during your trip.


5.It will create unforgettable moments

The Hawaiin gizmo will always be with you as you travel and it will create a history of its own. Along with its peacefulness and chilled out ambiance originator, your ukulele could create magic moments on top of the highest peaks, along the most beautiful  beaches, or just sitting down around a small fire. The fact of having a uke  makes every moment sharpened and memorable. It will become your best mate; you’ll l feed him with songs, fires, good company and bacon, of course.


6.It can eventually mold you into a rockstar!

Well, why not? You might become the next U2 of ukulele! In the end, you’re a traveler, a vagabond, so you create an international social circle. Check out Rocky Leon and his intensively “chilled out” ukulele vibe!




















This picture even became my Tinder picture…

With the size of a skateboard, the shape of a weird snowman, and the sound of paradise, ukulele brings good elements out of every moment and is definitely to be considered as the best travel instrument.

Would you personally bring a guitar or a ukulele if you had the choice?

Originally posted on vagabondmoments.com. To read the full article, please click here. Ukulele Beats is an up and coming ukulele cover band in San Diego, California with a unique vibe and twist. For bookings, ukulele images, music and videos, please visit our website at www.ukulelebeats.com.

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