Spotlight Interview

If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty passionate about the ukulele and the growing ukulele movement. One of the things we are interested in doing is sharing stories of other ukulele players who share the same passion as us! You’ve been selected as a Spotlight Feature to highlight your ukulele story with our growing group of followers in the ukulele community! Please take a moment to answer the questions to the right, and we’ll be happy to feature you on our website and social media profiles.

Interview Questions

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    How Long Have You Been Playing the Ukulele? What Drew You to the Ukulele?

    What Make(s), Model(s) and Type(s) of Ukulele(s) Do You Play? What That Ukulele?

    What is Your Favorite Genre That You Like to Play and Why? Have You Composed Any Originals?

    What Advice Would You Give to Someone Just Starting Out on the Ukulele?

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